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Our professors

Here you will get an overview of the professors
Group Picture of the professors
Image: A. Hessmer
Business Administration  
Prof. Dr. Nils Boysen Operations Managementde
Prof. Dr. Mike Geppert Strategic and International Managementde
Prof. Dr. Bernd Hüfner Accounting
Prof. Dr. Harald Jansen Taxation and Auditing
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kürsten Finance, Banking and Risk Managementde
Prof. Dr. Christian Lukas Managerial Accounting
Prof. Dr. Armin Scholl Management Science
Prof. Dr. Peter Walgenbach Organisation, Leadership und Human Resource Managementde
Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Walsh Marketingde
Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner Microeconomics
Prof. Dr. Andreas Freytag Economic Policy
Prof. Dr. Oliver Kirchkamp

Empirical and Experimental Economic Research

JProf. Dr. Matthias Menter Business Dynamics, Innovation and Economic Change
JProf. Huyen Ngoc Phuong Nguyen Financial Economics
Prof. Dr. Silke Übelmesser Public Finance


Economic Sciences  
Prof. Dr. Christian Pigorsch Economic and Social Statisticsde
Prof. Dr. Johannes Ruhland Business Information Systems
Dr. Petra Frehe-Halliwell Business Educational Studiesde
Prof. Dr. Michael Fritsch former Business Dynamics, Innovation and Economic Change
Prof. Dr. Peter Kischka former Economic and Social Statisticsde
Prof. Dr. Albert Maringer honorary professor
PD Dr. Michael Wyrwich University of Groningen, NL
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