Campus der FSU Jena

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

We analyse relevant issues for society, government, companies and individuals in an innovative way.
Campus der FSU Jena
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  • CZS
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    Administration Dean's Office, Examination Office, Office of Student Affairs? Find out where to find us here.
  • lecture hall
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    Our Professors What do we actually teach? Here you will find an overview of our professors.
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    Staff Hier geht es zur Mitarbeiterdatenbank.
  • Konferenzzimmer
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    Our Committees Here you will get an overview about our committees
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    PodCast (in German)de The Wiwi-Cast is a podcast by students and employees for students and prospective students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Adminstration.
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    Alumni JenensesExternal linkde Here you will find information about our alumni network.