Latest Publications

Last publications of Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner


  • Cantner U., Industrial Policy and Technological Sovereignty, in: Tagliapietra, S., R. Veugelers (eds), BRUEGEL BLUEPRINT SERIES: SPARKING EUROPE’S NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, A policy for net zero growth and resilience, 2023, 71-88

  • Bertschek, I., G. Bünstorf, U. Cantner, C. Häussler, T. Requate, F. Welter, Mit welchen Governance-Strukturen lässt sich die Agilität der missionsorientierten F&I-Politik steigern?, EFI-Policy Brief Nr. 1-2023, Berlin, 2023

  • Mundt, P., I. Savin, U., Cantner, H. Inoue, S. Vannuccini, Peer Effects in Productivity and Differential Growth: A Global Value-Chain Perspective, Industrial and Corporate Change, 2023, dtad022, link

  • Cantner, U., M. Kalthaus, I. Yarullina, Outcomes of science-industry collaboration: factors and interdependencies. J Technol Transf (2023). link
  • Basilico, S., U. Cantner, H. Graf, Policy Influence in the Knowledge Space: a Regional Application, Journal of Technology Transfer 48(2), 2023, 591-622,