Students are welcome at the University of Jena.

Students judge: University of Jena is one of Germany's top universities 

Friedrich Schiller University Jena performs excellently in the Studycheck Ranking 2023
Students are welcome at the University of Jena.
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

Published: | By: Axel Burchardt
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The Friedrich Schiller University is one of the best universities in Germany according to students. This was determined by the student portal Studycheck, which awarded the University of Jena the title "TOP University". In the ranking, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena is among the top 10 of the 57 universities assessedExternal link (German only) and is recommended by 95 percent of students. Around 80,000 student evaluations were evaluated for the ranking.

"We take student feedback on their studies very seriously and continuously incorporate it into the development of studies and teaching," says Prof. Dr Kim Siebenhüner, Vice-President for Learning and Teaching at the University of Jena. "The verdict in this ranking matches our experience and shows that the Friedrich Schiller University is an excellent place to study."

Competent and committed teaching staff 

The following evaluations from the student portal show how the Friedrich Schiller University achieved such a good result:

"The content is very interesting and coordinated. The lecturers are very competent and, in most cases, very friendly and helpful. The opportunities for study-related stays abroad are also diverse and, with the appropriate support, relatively easy to realise," writes Anna, for example, who is studying German as a Foreign and Second Language.

"I'm originally from near Frankfurt and had never actually been to Jena before my studies. But I've been living in Jena for a good year now and I'm thrilled. Jena is a small student town with party-loving people and a really relaxed university. The first two semesters of the business studies programme are tough, but once you get used to it, you'll be fine," says Henri, assessing the Business Administration programme at the University of Jena.

Mathematics student André says: "When you attend the lectures, you notice that the lecturers have a lot of knowledge. Despite this, they try to make the content really easy for us to understand. Even if the material is difficult, you still have motivation and, above all, interest to keep at it."

All students' opinions about the University of Jena can be found here External link(Geman only).


Kim Siebenhüner, Univ.-Prof. Dr
Portrait von Prof. Dr. Kim Siebenhüner
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)