Our Committees

Here you will get an overview about our committees
Image: Patrick Sommer auf Pixabay
  • Council of the Faculty

    The faculty council advises and decides on key issues related to the School of Economics and Business Administration, which can not be resolved under the regulations of the ThürHG or the basic regulations of the FSU (see §25 of the basic regulations of the FSU).
    The current members of the faculty council are:

    • Prof. Dr. Nils Boysen
    • Dr. Jan Goldenstein
    • Constanze Herrmann
    • Prof. Dr. Bernd Hüfner
    • Prof. Dr. Harald Jansen
    • Alexander Laubrich
    • Prof. Dr. Christian Lukas
    • Prof. Dr. Matthias Menter
    • Prof. Dr. Christian Pigorsch
    • Grit Preßler
    • Sophie-Marie Schöder
    • Jana Schütz
    • Prof. Dr. Silke Übelmesser

    Organisation: Dr. Kristina von RheinExternal link

    Dates for the meetings in the winter term 2024/2025 are:

    • Wednesday, 30.10.2024
    • Wednesday, 11.12.2024
    • Wednesday, 05.02.2025
  • Examination Committee

    The following table shows who is on the examination committee for degree programs within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration according to § 5 (1) PO for the bachelor programmes and § 6 (1) PO for the master programmes:

    • Prof. Dr. Nils Boysen (Chair) (deputy: Prof. Dr. Mike Geppert)
    • PD Dr. Markus Pasche (Deputy chair) (deputy: Prof. Dr. Andreas Freytag)
    • Prof. Dr. Christian Lukas (Deputy: Prof. Dr. Simon Emde)
    • Prof. Dr. Christian Pigorsch (Deputy: Prof. Dr. Harald Jansen)
    • Dr. Michael Hunoldt (Deputy: Dr. Rico Walter)
    • Jana Schütz (Deputy: David Delkus)
    • Chantalle Arsand (Deputy: Sophie-Marie Schröder)
  • Study Commission

    The study commission was established under § 25a of the basic regulations of the FSU for study and examination affairs by the council of the faculty. The current members are:

    • Professors
      • Bernd Hüfner
      • Christian Pigorsch
      • Silke Übelmesser
      • Nils Boysen (deputy)
      • Matthias Menter (deputy)
    • Reasearch Assistents
      • Sandra Niemz
      • Markus Pasche
      • Philipp Poschmann
      • Alina Woiske (deputy)
      • Anika Johlke (deputy)
      • Rico Walter (deputy)
    • Students
      • Chantalle Arsand
      • Selin Lachmann
      • Jasmin Weißenborn
      • Elisabeth Rother (deputy)
      • Sophie-Marie Schröder (deputy)
      • Alexander Laubrich (deputy)

    Chairman is the dean of education.

  • Commission for the Evaluation of Teaching

    The committee is responsible for the teaching evaluation.

    Learn moreExternal link
  • Teaching Awarding Commission

    The Teaching Awarding Commission decides each term about an award for outstanding academic teaching effort designated for lecturers of the academic mid-level faculty (non-professors). Currently it consits of the professors

    • Uwe Cantner,
    • Christian Pigorsch und
    • Peter Walgenbach

    as well as the students

    • Jasmin Weißenborn
    • Fiona Alexandra Gebauer
    • Elisabeth Rother.
  • Institutional Review Board
      • Prof. Dr. Petra Frehe-Halliwell
      • Prof. Dr. Oliver Kirchkamp (Chairman)
      • Prof. Dr. Christian Lukas

    In case you are planning the evaluation of your research project, please contact the ChairmanExternal link.

  • Faculty Advisory Council
    • Dr. Georg Elsner (ORISA Software GmbH)
    • Prof. Dr. Oliver Falck (Ifo Institute)
    • Prof. Dr. Christian Merkl (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
    • Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer (WU Wien)
    • Prof. Dr. Stefan Minner (TU München)
    • Prof. Dr. Silvia Rogler (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
    • Prof. Dr. Peter Sloane (University Paderborn)
    • Prof. Dr. Susanne Strahringer (TU Dresden)
  • Equal Opportunities Officer

    Vivienne Schünemeyer M.Sc. (deputy: Elisabeth Bethge M.Sc.)

    Postal address:
    Friedrich Schiller University Jena
    Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
    Office of the Dean
    Carl-Zeiß-Str. 3
    07743 Jena