Tue.,   16 January 2024:   8:30-16:15 – Human capital in closed and open economies
Wed.,  17 January 2024:   8:30-16:15 – Technical change, task-based model, polarization
Thu.,   18 January 2024:   8:30-16:15 – Human capital, innovation and growth
Tue.     30 January 2024:   8:30-14:30 – Presentations of papers chosen for replication

The course will be on-site in Jena.
It is possible to organize the class on 30 January as a hybrid session if there is demand.

Course outline

In this course, we will focus on skilled human capital and its relationship with innovation and growth.

Topics include:

Human capital investment in closed and open economies; language as a special type of human capital; effect of technical progress (digitization) on skill composition; tendencies of polarization on the labor market; role of human capital for innovation and growth

The purpose is to make PhD students familiar with important contributions and identify current topics.

Requirements for passing the course

Part I: Group work (20% of final grade):

  • Students have to participate in a group work and make a group presentation. Allocation of topics will be before Christmas; presentations will be during class on 16, 17 and 18 January.

Part II: Replication study (80% of final grade):

Students are required to replicate the main parts of an empirical paper on the course’s topics (in a broad sense).

  • Presentation of the paper (20% of final grade):
    Students should select a suitable paper before the course and present this paper as well as their ideas about the replication during the class on 30 January.
  • Replication (60% of final grade):
    Students have to submit a paper (some weeks after the course) describing the replication exercise. Further details will be provided during the course.

[If you are not familiar with quantitative or qualitative methods needed for a replication study, there might be other options for Part II. In this case, please get in touch with me.]

All parts have to be passed.


University of Jena (seminar room 102, Bachstrasse 18k); hybrid format (if demanded) for class on 30 January.


Please register by sending an email to by November 15, 2023 (first come, first served), listing the paper, you plan to present and replicate (giving some reasons for your choice).