Monday,         08 March 2021 (afternoon)
Tuesday,        09 March 2021 (full day)
Wednesday,  10 March 2021 (full day)
Thursday,      11 March 2021 (morning)

The course will be online  (via Zoom).

Course outline

In this course, we will focus on higher education and skilled human capital.

Questions of interest are:

What are the individual and public incentives to invest in human capital? What are the differences between closed and open economies? How does technical progress (digitalization) affect the skill composition and is there an effect on polarization? What is the role of education and human capital in innovation and growth?

The purpose is to make students familiar with important contributions and identify current topics.

Requirements for passing the course

Students will be required to replicate the main parts of an empirical paper on the course’s topics.

  • Presentation of the paper (30% of final grade)
    Students should select a suitable paper before the course and present this paper as well as their ideas about the replication during the course.
  • Replication (70% of final grade)
    Students have to submit a paper (some weeks after the course) describing the replication exercise. Further details will be provided during the course.

[Students who are not familiar with quantitative or qualitative methods needed for a replication study can instead write a different type of paper. Details are to be discussed.]

Both parts have to be passed.


To be announced.


Zoom Conference (there might be some video lectures)


Please register by sending an email to by February 20, 2021, listing the paper you plan to present / replicate and giving 1-2 reasons for your choice.