Seminar Public Finance (MW23.4b) - Summer Term 2023

Current issues in economic inequality, economics of education and migration


In this seminar, we will look at the literature on current issues of economic inequality and topics in the economics of education and migration. The focus will be on the study of these issues through causal analysis. Identifying causal relationships enables researchers to provide reliable scientific advice to policy makers on relevant economic policy issues. Students learn to discuss the application of empirical methods to the study of current and relevant issues such as income and gender inequality, educational choices, and the economic integration of refugees. Compared to seminar MW23.4a, this seminar focuses on writing a detailed seminar paper discussing the empirical results of research and its policy recommendations.


You will have to read and understand original empirical research papers as part of this course. We therefore recommend taking "Empirical Methods" (MW24.1) before this seminar.

Important Remarks

The Chair of Public Finance follows a zero-tolerance policy with respect to plagiarism. In previous seminars, up to 20% of the students failed because of plagiarism in their seminar papers. Please read again carefully the slides about plagiarism and conduct the test on "How to Cite/ How to Avoid Plagiarism" available in the Moodle-course "Approaches to Economic Science" ("WS2022-Approaches"). (If you do not have access to this Moodle-course, contact  Patrick Dylong.)

January 2023 Central registration

08 Feb 2023

10.00 - 11.00 am
For those students allocated to this seminar: Meeting and presentation of topics.
27 Feb 2023 Choice of preferred topics (see next item). The topics’ preferences serve as the basis for the allocation of topics.

14 Mar 2023
28 Mar 2023

Start of the writing period (depending on choice of start date). After receiving your topic, you have 5 weeks to complete a first version of your seminar paper. The paper will then be refereed by another student within 1 week. After receiving the referee report you have 2 more weeks to improve your paper on the basis of the referee's comments.

08 May 2023
22 May 2023

Submission of the final version of your seminar paper (depending on choice of start date). The deadline is midnight from Monday to Tuesday.
Soon after Time plan for the seminar (incl. allocation of discussants)
June 2023 Seminar (blocked)


For guidelines and regulations, see hereExternal link


To submit your topic preferences and review the slides after the information event on 08 February 2023, please go to https://moodle.uni-jena.deExternal link ("Seminar Public Finance (MW23.4) - Summer Term 2023").  You will also find further information and materials on the seminar there.