Welcome to the Chair of Strategic und International Management

Introduction to the chair

As part of the faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, our Chair pursues a variety of tasks and interests in teaching and research with great commitment.

  • Teaching

    Our teaching includes various subjects from the fields of strategic management, international business studies, comparative international management and research methods for business and international management students. Most of our courses are taught in English language to promote our students' capability to engage with the increasingly international business world. In line with this development we support our students in developing their intercultural skills and employability in nationally as well as internationally operating organizations. Our teaching follows a periodic schedule and each member of our team seeks to accompany in a competent manner by giving advice and support to our students throughout their studies. We are in close contact and dialogue with various local and international partner universities to ensure that our teaching and research focus remains up to date and relevant to both interested academics and practitioners.

    Students and those interested in studying can find out more about our courses by following the link.

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  • Research

    Our research approach is pluralistic and draws on a wider range of social science related topics in management, work and employment, organization and society. In particular, we focus on:

    • critical, actor-centered, micro-political, socio-political and power-related paradigms of organizational and management research,
    • conceptual and empirical (in particular qualitative) studies of crises, conflicts and conflict resolution mechanisms in current employment and industrial relations, especially in the context of multinational companies,
    • actor-related and inter-organizational relationships in global value chains,
    • critical reflections on current transformations of the global economy, related to internationalization, reorganization, standardization and digitization processes in multinational companies,
    • comparative international studies of management, organization and work, and on the impact of all three on the quality of work employment relations in the context of established and newly emerging (e.g. 'digitalized') business models.
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Research news

Latest research activities, current research stays, upcoming guest researchers, ... from the chair can be found at Research News!