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Joint Double Degree Master Program - Information for Students
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Information for Incoming Students

Students enrolled in at the University of Insubria interested in the double degree program apply for the program at their home university following the local requirements. The home coordinators (Prof. Elena Maggi and Prof. Carlo Brambilla) will select the students and the University of Insubria (i.e. Dr. Luca Gallo – head of the International Office of the University of Insubria) will nominate them to us.

We will establish contact with the selected students and give information concerning the following application process:

  • After having received your nomination, we will send you a confirmation letter ("confirmation letter from the program coordinator"), which you will need for the application.
  • You will have to apply for the M.Sc. Economics program online using the portal created by our Master Service Centre. Follow the the step-by-step instruction to start the application process:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Please gain information concerning the required application documents for the master program you wish to apply (see the specific website at the master portal).
  • Prepare the following documents, scan these and save each document as one PDF (max. 5 MB):
    • Confirmation letter from the program coordinator
    • CV
    • Transcript of Records
    • a replacement document (=blank page)

Please bear in mind that you will also have to hand in the documents listed on the website of the Master Service Centre (e.g., proof of achievements, letter of motivation, secondary education certificate, previous degrees with transcript of records, proof of proficiency in English, etc.). It will be sufficient if the head of the international office (Dr. Luca Gallo) confirms the validity of the document copies with his signature and stamp.

Step 3:

  • Fill in the online application and upload the required application documents (see Step 2) at the intended space.
  • The Application Assistant will guide you through the online-application. Please upload the required documents; if a document is required, which is not one of the named in Step 2, please upload the replacement document!
  • Check your data and save the application!

Step 4:

  • Click the button "download application" and save the application document "Application form for Master Application at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena". Print this form and sign it.
  • Submit only the original signed form "Application form for Master Application at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena". Please send it by regular mail and not as pdf by email. The address of the Master Service Centre is entered automatically in the address field on the application form. Please do not send any other application documents.

Further information

There is a leaflet [pdf, 1 mb] written by students who have done the double degree programme. In it, you can find important information concerning your stay in Jena.

Course guidelines

Please have a look at the course guidelines (Economics of Innovation [pdf, 72 kb] or International Business and Entrepreneurship [pdf, 72 kb]) in order to create your Learning Agreement. The minimum number of ECTS credits you are supposed to achieve in Jena is 42 ECTS.

Information for Outgoing Students

Students of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena enrolled in the M.Sc. Economics have the opportunity to apply for the double degree master program in cooperation with the University of Insubria.

After graduation, the students will be awarded with a double degree. The University of Insubra will award its title "Master in Global Entrepreneurship and Management" and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena will award its title "Master of Science in Economics" (M.Sc. Economics). The first academic year shall take place at the home university and the second one at the partner university. The master thesis can either be written in Jena or in Varese. 

Students interested in the double degree master program can apply by April 14, 20XX.

  • Students submit their CV, a letter of motivation and their Transcript of Records (Friedolin) to the Departmental International Office in Carl-Zeiß-Straße 3, room 4.131.
  • The corresponding Coordination Committee of the programs will then select the candidates on the basis of the following criteria:
    • academic performance
    • strong motivation
  • Candidates will be informed about the status of their application by the corresponding Coordination Committee.

Course program at the Università degli studi dell' Insubria:

You will be enrolled in the master program "Global Entrepreneurhsip Economics and Management" (GEEM) with the specialisation in "Economics of Innovation" or "International Business and Entrepreneurship". Therefore, you have to obey the following regulations:

According to the bilateral agreement, you have to gain at least 42 ECTS during your studies abroad, which you have to determine in a Learning Agreement. You can either write your master thesis in Varese or in Jena.

Choice of coureses (overview of compulsory and elective courses):

You can find the module descriptions here:

specialisation "Economics of Innovation":

specialisation "International Business and Entrepreneurship":

 Application at the partner university

After your successful internal application, you have to do the following things:

  • send your High School Diploma ("Abitur" or your equivalent) and your Bachelor diploma to Mr. Stefano Basilico 
  • The coordinator will forward the information about the Friedrich Schiller University students to the International Office of the partner university and confirm the validity of the diplomas (Word-document)
  • You have to apply online under the section "VISITING students" here:
  • You have to create a Learning Agreement together with Mr. Stefano Basilico .
  • The partner universtiy also wants to have a current Transcript of Records showing the results of your 1-year performance in the master program. Our examinatin office can issue a copy in English. This is crucial, as the courses you completed at the Friedrich Schiller University will be recognised at the partner university. The Università degli studi dell' Insubria will use your ToR to confirm your Learning Agreement.

There is a possibility to apply for financial support from the ERASMUS program. Please contact our Departmental International Office ( for further information.

Course recognition

List of equivalents (dated: May 2019)

Conversion of grades

You can find the grade conversion chart for Italy here.

Contact persons in Varese

  • Ms. Gabriella Franchi of the Departmental Foreign Students Office of the School of Economics, e-mail: or (if you have academic, program related and administrative questions)
  • Mr. Luca Gallo and Ms. Lucia Cortese of the Central international office of the University of Insubria, e-mail: (if you have administrative questions)
  • Prof. Dr. Carlo Brambilla (e-mail: and Prof. Dr. Elena Maggi (e-mail: if you have academic and program related questions

Student reports

2013-14 [pdf, 165 kb] / 2013-14 [pdf, 148 kb] / 2013-14 [pdf, 82 kb] / 2013-14 [pdf, 129 kb] / 2013-14 [pdf, 113 kb]