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Summer term 2023

Topics in Productivity Analysis: Entrepreneurship, innovation and productivity growth (MW26.10) Instructor
Wed, 10.15 - 11.45 h, 
room 4.111, CZ3

Prof. Dr. Javier Miranda

For information about the supervision of master theses, please contact Javier Miranda.

Topics in Economic Theory and Policy I: Entrepreneurship, innovation, and productivity growth

Entrepreneurs fill a vitally important role in market economies. This course explores the economics of entrepreneurship, focusing on recent empirical findings. We will explore the roles entrepreneurs play in business dynamism, innovation, and productivity growth, as well as determinants of entrepreneurial success such as finance, geography, networks, and characteristics of the entrepreneur. The course will also cover implications for policy and explore trends in entrepreneurial activity in the United States and Europe. Students will become familiar with key research findings on entrepreneurship, conduct analysis utilizing publicly available data on firms and workers, and identify real-world examples of course concepts.

Requisite: Econometrics. Limited to 15 students. This is a course for master students but PhD students are welcome (the latter will get extra work).