Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

“Do Immigrants Affect Crime? Evidence from Panel Data for Germany”

Newly published paper by Rita Maghularia and Silke Uebelmesser in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
Image: Elsevier


The paper empirically analyses the causal relationship between immigrants and crime using data for German administrative districts between 2008 and 2019. Before the refugee crisis (2008-2014), an increase in the current share of immigrants increased the total crime rate. In contrast, the effect was negative (or insignificant) during and after the refugee crisis (2015-2019). When analysing the total period, the estimates average out to zero. Studying more closely the composition of the migrant group, a plausible explanation of the negative (or insignificant) effect of immigrants on crime in the later period is related to a larger share of migrants with a less certain residence status.

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