Anna Zherdeva und Aleksandr Kazakov

Student's project funded

.... by the Academy for Teaching Development
Anna Zherdeva und Aleksandr Kazakov

Creation date: 27 November 2018, 07:44 CET

The faculty of Economics and Business Administration congratulates its students Anna Zherdeva and Aleksandr Kazakov. Their project  "Implementation of in-class on-line quizzes" will be funded by the Academy for Teaching Development.

The project refers to scientifically proven study strategies improving learning processes such as spaced retrieval, interleaved practice, generative learning and self-assessment.

The project tends to the implementation of these strategies into the in-class learning process: In selected courses, student’s involvement is to be enhanced by performing a short quiz at the beginning of each lecture. The questions target on recapitulating the content of previous lectures as well as building bridges towards subsequent subjects and areas of application. The quizzes will be implemented by using online quiz services such as Moodle. The results will provide regular feedback on the learning progress.

The project corresponds with the aims of the Faculty’s working group “Neue Medien in der Lehre” and will be carried out in close consultation.

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